Humans Vs Zombies II Camp

Camp dates: November 30th - December 2nd

Location: Surfside Park Warrnambool


Check in: Friday, 1pm until 4pm. Setting up tents,

locating all needed amenities such as water and toilets.

First night will be survival mode. Scary.

On the second day, we will be having a marketplace

of small stalls, as well as music and games. Anyone

wanting to hold a stall (or any bands or musicians who

like to play free gigs!) should contact Connor as soon as possible.

On the second night we will run some smaller games such as IRL Slender, Capture the Flag and L4D amongst others.

The Sunday will be packing up tents, saying goodbye to new friends and making sure you leave with what you arrived with!

Once upon a time, in a town far away...

Humans VS Zombies



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